A Brief Piano History Article

Fortepiano, or pianoforte, is a common term for piano and it has the meaning of soft- loud. The reason why it was called this was to highlight its purpose of producing a tone that was both loud and soft. The piano is considered a stringed keyboard instrument and prior to any keyed instruments being used … Continue reading "A Brief Piano History Article"

Learning Piano Online

The Internet has provided millions of people an assortment of wonderful opportunities to learn about places, people, and things. It really does not matter what is the question because the Internet provides an easy way to find the answer. The Internet does have its faults but all in all it is the perfect venue for … Continue reading "Learning Piano Online"

Famous Classical Pianists

There is obviously a long list of famous pianists from Bach to Elton John. If you were to ask someone to make a list of the top 10 most famous pianists it would be difficult to do because there are so many types of music to chose from. You probably would have to specify the … Continue reading "Famous Classical Pianists"