Famous Classical Pianists

There is obviously a long list of famous pianists from Bach to Elton John. If you were to ask someone to make a list of the top 10 most famous pianists it would be difficult to do because there are so many types of music to chose from. You probably would have to specify the type of music such as rock ‘n roll, classical, jazz, and so forth. This would help you to narrow down your list of names for whatever music type you chose.

This short article will provide a list of famous classical pianists starting with Johann Sebastian Bach. Bach was born in 1685 and died in 1750. J. S. Bach was in reality not actually a pianist but rather an organist as well as an expert harpsichordist. Nevertheless, Bach did play on some of the early pianos that were built by Gottfried Silbermann.

Even though Bach gave Silbermann his wholehearted approval for the pianos that he made, he did not like the first piano making efforts of Silbermann in the early 1730s. Bach was considered a genius and his genius was considered highly comprehensive due to his ability to improvise six voiced figures.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart began his piano prodigy at age 6. He toured throughout Europe and performed for many kings, queens, and court officials. His father, Leopold Mozart, was considered as one of the more important music teachers of his time. His father wrote a paper on violin playing that many students are still studying today. Mozart had a sister named Maria Anna who also was considered a piano prodigy.

Ludwig Von Beethoven was born in 1770 and died in 1827. He moved from Germany in 1792 to Vienna where he eventually achieved success. Beethoven was considered one of the most famous and finest piano players of his time. He was hoping to spent time with Mozart but unfortunately his mother became extremely ill and he was forced to return to Germany. He discontinued his career as a performing pianist because of deafness. However, his final master pieces were written while being deaf, solely with his mind’s ear.

The final famous pianist on this list is Frederick Chopin. Chopin was born in 1810 and only lived for 39 years. There are few pianist/composers who have revolutionized the capabilities of a piano more than Chopin. He was known as the first major composer that virtually concentrated exclusively on the piano. His compositions were extremely difficult but incredibly beautiful. Many considered his music to be the essence of elegance and nobility.